Friday, December 31, 2010

A blogging recap...

is not something I've ever written before because this blogging thing has been way more for my own jollies than for garnering readership. I'm always slightly bemused when I realize that someone even reads my blog. Heading into a new year of blogging though I decided to participate in Musings of a Housewife Jo-Lynne's 2010 Blog Recap Carnival to see what, if anything, I have written this year.

And there you have it.

January 2010 New Year's superstitions annoy me. My introspective perspective on what the New Year should bring whether you like black-eyed peas or not.

February 2010 There is a storm coming in life. A post about how believers must be prepared for life's trials not if but when they happen. Rebecca Writes has a 2005 post on this same topic that she recently reposted and it remains one of my favorite posts as it speaks to a right theology of Who God is and how He works in all things for His glory.

March 2010 Coupon tips and tricks are not really my specialty. An underwhelming post on how I use coupons to feed the growing boys in this house with a plea to visit the linked sites who specialize in truly how to use coupons for a real difference. I am only a padawan in this.

April 2010 Spring break was this week for us. A post of wonder and thanks at how sweet God's economy is when your economy is bleak, how full His mercy is shed upon us, and a reminder that only in Him can one truly rest.

May 2010 Bloggers are real people too and now I have proof. A post about my IRL meeting with Lora Lynn of Vitafamiliae fame at our local homeschooling convention. This was a highlight in our year as a friendship that began in stalking resulted in a live dinner with adult conversation. Bloggers' blessings you could call it.

June 2010 Oh the pressure of a status report. My ode to cool girl blogger status among the names that are. Lisa Writes started this monthly meme that helps several of us remember that not only do we have a blog that should be written at every now and then but knowing what month it is helps as well.

July 2010 July 1st, Thankful Thursday just seems particularly appropriate that the first day of a new month would begin with thankfulness. Another participation carnival of gratitude that I occasionally partake in, granted that I remember. Obviously the whole "Blogger, get thyself upon a writing schedule," has not hit me yet. This carnival is hosted by Kim of The Upward Call.

August 2010 Eating apple crisp in Nova Scotia. A post without pictorial proof of our twentieth anniversary trip to Nova Scotia. It was written on the fly and reads more like a twitter update than an actual blog post. That and this is the second post of August because the first was another status update.

September 2010 My Mimi could sew anything. Alerting you to the truth that A Complete Thought is not a domestic arts type of blog. Full disclosure is important for authenticity.

October 2010 On board tonight a new tradition is in the works. A post about how during the hectic fall activities Wednesday became a family favorite night of rest and laughter for us. Again, I chose the second post of the month rather than the first because, say it with me, "another status report".

November 2010 November of Thanksgiving has officially begun. This was the first of a month of daily gratitude posts, a carnival hosted by Rebecca Writes. The posts were an excellent daily activity for me as I considered many of God's marvelous works in my life and family.

December 2010 Happy December 1st. This is a post where I come face to face with the new reality of being a humble receiver of others' help after major back surgery. New limitations worked mightily on my perspective of what can be done in a day.

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  1. Hope you're doing well after your back surgery. I'm visiting from Musings of a Housewife.

    Happy New Year!