Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh the pressure!

of a status report. My reader is filled with news. My corner is so quiet even the crickets that were chirping have gone elsewhere.

I want to be one of the cool girls too. Middle school wasn't my time. But now I have a blog.

June, Status Report my newly cleaned off desk. I actually can see wood under the glass top. It took a day and lots of sanctification but the deed was duly done. Husband should probably run a pool on how long it will take me to cover every square inch again. He'd make some money.

Drinking......or about to drink black coffee. The beep should go off any minute now. today's experiment with whole wheat bread. There was a breadmaker that had a non-mechanical owner. She didn't push the bread pan down fully enough to engage the ohsonecessary kneading paddle. All the bells and whistles in the world couldn't knead that bread because of the 1/2 inch gap. She did notice in time to turn out a hand kneaded loaf. However, I have it on good authority as the narrator of this sad tale that she is not too fond of this particular recipe. Not quite sweet enough. Tomorrow is another day.

Reading.....The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. The Lisa-Lisa crew perked my interest and recent life events have given me great cause to be "quietened, soothed, comforted and encouraged"* by this book. Also reading The Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp and to biblically respond to an ongoing difficulty. honor God in my response and not to give any truth to the lies of men.

Working......on our school year. Yesterday was our first official day. We're taking a slow start into the curriculum. So far no complaints, just a tad bit of reorganization as I realized that my planning schedule didn't quite mesh with some of the built in lesson plans.

Hoping......for a summer of rest and renewal. Of learning and exploration. Of seeing God's glory continue to be revealed in the lives of my sons and in our family even if and especially through trials. the next thing. Drinking coffee on the red couch and watching DVR'd television.

*Martin Lloyd-Jones


  1. I just have to say as an encouragement...I Love your post titles!!

  2. Would love to know how the Sibbes book is, what you glean from it. Considering reading it myself.

    May God be glorified in your summertime beginnings.