Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloggers are real people too...

and now I have proof. Not pictorial proof. Just anecdotal proof.

Last year while the Georgia Home Educators' Association Conference, I was walking through minding my curriculum business when I saw a familiar head of hair and baby sling. I walked past. Pulled a double take. Turned around and boldly walked up to Lora Lynn of Vitafamiliae Fame. She and Andrew were perusing the curriculum fair for their kidlets.Willa in tow.

I had been reading LL's blog for about a year, finding much likemindedness in child training, much humor in the regular antics of her family's adventures and much empathy in life as a crazy busy mom. When I saw her and A. at the conference I thought, here's my chance to stalk a fellow blogger meet a friend in spirit.

Since that time we've continued the blog relationship o' distance. I'm an adoptive mom. She's about to be an adoptive mom. I homeschool. She homeschools. I love chocolate. She so loves chocolate. It's all Forrest Gump peas n' carrots.

A couple of months ago we upped the ante to plans for an MIRL + husbands + dinner. It's like second base for bloggers. Past the drive by, "I love your blog yada yada" to "We're sharing an appetizer." GHEA became the location. Cell numbers were exchanged. HopeSuds orders were placed. I even placed a Sseko sandal order. Who wants to pay shipping?

And once again, while hanging at the Creation Ministries table, I turned and saw hair. Lora Lynn's hair. Which gets a lot of bad press on her blog, I think, for it's profile dominating qualities. It is part of her distinction though, absolutely lovely (to match her personality) and I didn't worry that I was about to walk up and tap some random lady on the shoulder. I knew it was her.

Husband and the boys were with me so she witnessed their realness. Unfortunately, Andrew was away at another table, delaying his realness to Husband. We made dinner plans and parted ways till evening.

Evening brought an incredible meal at P.F. Chang's. Conversation flowed. Laughter mixed in with anecdote after anecdote of international travel mishaps, child training challenges, homeschooling observations, and God's amazing grace. It was sweet fellowship. Lora Lynn and Andrew are as real as real can be. Life has rubbed off their fuzz and they are truly living a life of example before their children and others. What a privilege to share lettuce wraps with them. Followed by dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, I can call it a perfectly delightful evening.

However, I had asked LL for an autograph. She's famous in the paper and all that for her HopeSuds fundraising for their Ugandan adoption. She told me she required a hot pink Sharpie and glitter. I had the hot pink Sharpie, but no glitter, and so no autograph. Apparently the glitter was really, really important.

I'm just warning other fans to be ready with both.


  1. I'll find the glitter and mail you an autograph. Gotta maintain good PR.

    Loved the evening. Loved the food. Loved you and the Husband.

    Didn't so much love the smell of Chinese food in my car this morning when I found the bag still in the van.

    But the memories. Those are good.

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