Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring break was this week...

for us. I know, I know, how do homeschoolers get spring break?

Answer: we choose it.

That, and I coordinate our spring break with my Bible study's scheduled spring break. In the past we've done big trips. This year's budget didn't have a big trip in it. The budget read more like "itty bitty trip that involves taking your own bread and bologna".

I got the memo, Frank.

The budgetary insistence plus some personal goings ons with friends in need had me wondering if even Itty Bitty Trip would work. And down to the last moment I was wondering. But when God promises that He gives His children more than we can ask or imagine, immeasurably more, He really does mean it.

On the friend's part, God is bringing amazing recovery to one whom I love very much. She was either going to come home or "go home" and we are prepared for either knowing that God is glorious in all of His ways. Right now He is showing us a come home track that has several of us giddy with His mercy to teach us increasing dependence upon Him.

On the Itty Bitty Trip part, the boys and I took off to southern parts and glowed in the familial graces of incredible southern cooking and lazy days and boat rides and fishing and riding and laughing and resting. I haven't rested that thoroughly in, well, I don't really know when. It was refreshing and fulfilling to know that immeasurably more is God's economy no matter my economy. I am grateful.

And no bologna was involved. Really grateful.

I did in some weird manner manage to grab hold of a nasty bronchitis that has me sounding like a smoker with laryngitis but it has only caused me to be willing to rest more. Again, God's ways are not our ways.

Now back to that which is my own lot, the week has reminded me that belonging to Him is the greatest gift of all. A heart prepared to celebrate that the tomb is empty. The Lord is Risen! And Christ is King.

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  1. I'm thanking God with you for His gifts to you this week, Elle. And praying for the departure of that bronchitis.