Monday, November 1, 2010

November of Thanksgiving....

has officially begun. Please join Rebecca Writes in giving thanks daily during the month of November. An annual blog event she has titled November of Thanksgiving. The practice of giving thanks is too little in this country where we grow up believing ourselves entitled and not remembering that apart from God, we have nothing. Writing of our thanks puts things into right order again. Acknowledgment of Who God is and What He has done for us. I hope you'll participate.

November of Thanksgiving #1:
I am thankful today that it is Monday. Growing up, Monday did not have a good name in my house. Mom and Dad were woeful that it meant returning to work. For my sister and me, Monday meant returning to school drudgery and slogging through until Friday and the weekend finally came around. Monday was only depressing.

Monday to me now, as a mom, represents a clear and uncluttered opportunity at the week, to do-over what went wrong in the last week. Monday, coming right after Sunday--the day where I've been replenished and renewed through the worship and the preaching of the Word, has a freshness of new motion and motivation. I wake up knowing that the grace of God has been given yet again to face what happens in the week. I am recharged for the challenges.

I usually wake up cheery on Mondays as well because the weekend has afforded extra sleep in lazy naps and sleeping in. To keep from being bored, Monday means a new menu, a different chore list and untested opportunities to appreciate in the week. The day has become a launch day in my thoughts as to how I may serve the Lord anew and watch how He will work.

This Monday, I am thankful.


  1. Coming here from Rebecca writes...
    I really like the name of your blog. I love those moments when I actually have a complete thought. :)

    Mondays are great, aren't they? I, too, look at it as a gift from God to start things anew.

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder to give thanks for Mondays.

  2. "Apart from God, we have nothing.” Yes, writing of our thanks does help us put things in order again!

    I love your attitude on Mondays. I have learned to enjoy Mondays, too, for the same reasons. Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to more that you’ll share.

  3. I am taking these words with me, in my heart, "I wake up knowing that the grace of God has been given yet again to face what happens in the week"


  4. I left a comment for you back at my blog-I was reading about your James in the early morning hours here. Dear mother-I understand.
    God bless you-only the believer can push forward lavished in the mercy and grace of God with such a loss.