Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Mimi could sew...

anything. My Aunt S. can sew anything plus. My mom worked hard at sewing some things for us. I particularly remember her laboring over sewing tiny little Barbie clothes.

However, I can not sew a stitch. And I even took a sewing class to try and learn how to sew. I made a vest, but not even a complete vest. I never finished that inside stitching, turn out and iron thingy part. I did wear the vest a couple of times. With a safety pin.

I realize that statement dates me. The vest, not the safety pin.

Friends over the years have tried to help me learn to sew. With their help, I've accomplished a couple dozen button repairs and even a couple of hems. Both my mom and and mom-in-law have given me really nice sewing kits. I stash them in a drawer for Husband. But on the whole, I choose duct tape, stitch witchery or even a staple gun to attach fabric.

I have lamented my lack of sewing skill. I have condemned myself for the lack of domestic arts. I have worried that one day a grandchild will wish her Mimi could sew and I will have no thimble to grace a finger.

I am at peace with not being able to sew. Not knowing how to sew does not preclude wearing clothes. And there is always duct tape.

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  1. Finally set myself up so I can comment on your blog again. Could not make it work before!

    I'm liking these posts about your family. And I encourage you to try sewing something other than clothing, like maybe a pillow. It's way more fun to sew for your home, in my humble opinion.