Sunday, March 11, 2012

A nearly 15 year old....

washed all, ALL, A.L.L., of the dishes in the sink the other night of his own accord. I came home from a busy evening and thanked Husband for the gift. He told me that the nearly 15 year old had done the deed. After he had also cooked supper for his dad and brothers.

A moment to savor.

This son is helpful, do not misunderstand. I was not savoring the moment that he helped, rather the moment of seeing him step outside of the routine chore box to do what he was not required to do for the sake of another. And I was glad to be the "another." Earlier in the week he helped his dad with two different prescribed burning projects. Monitoring the fires. Putting out small jumps. Doing a man's job. And doing it well.

The moment reminded me that prayers and training and conversations about being a blessing to others do bear fruit. Somewhere, somehow, by God's grace, the seeds take root and ultimately bloom.

Even in a kitchen sink.

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