Saturday, March 10, 2012

Maybe this means...

I've decided to embrace the weather. Possibly, on a whim, I asked Chess to set up the outside table and chairs so I could sit, in the sun, and write. I might pay for it tomorrow with the allergy attack, but I am weary of waiting for a winter that will not come. I like winter. It's a time of shutting down. Of stopping. Of rest.

I really needed February to be a month of winter rest. I wanted to hibernate. Not stop life and only sleep. (Although that does not sound unpleasant.) Instead I mean that I wanted to enjoy that the hustle and bustle of sports practices and events and stress levels would reduce. Just a bit, but at least some.

February was not a month of rest, and I can't blame the entirety of that on a non-winter. However, the chaos in my closet, that fault rests squarely upon the shoulders of weather that cycled every three days from highs in the 70's to the 50's. Throw in some rain every other week and I have spent roughly the last four months sniffling. I would walk around with a tissue stuffed up each nostril if it didn't cause such a stir. And staring.

Back to February not being about rest. Exhibit #1: the blog was non-existent to me. All that was happening in a non-restful manner was not fit for blog fodder. Exhibit #2: I have developed TMJ issues. From the non-resting life. Exhibit #3: The shortest month in the year became the longest month in my life. Exhibit #4: I was actually relieved to see March enter the picture even though it is proving to be the busiest month. Evah.

But today, I'm breaking the code of silence to say sitting on my deck, in the sun, listening to my folk music mix, sniffling, nursing a sore jaw, writing, is all right. Not everything from February has been solved, but God in the midst of it all, made Himself ever present in help, in love, and in comfort.

And today seemed to be a good day to say that. In the sun. On the deck. With M&M's in my pocket. Definitely with M&M's.

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  1. Chocolate. Always chocolate. We need to translate that into Latin and write it on our walls.