Monday, February 20, 2012

A critter in the cracks....

of the house was scritching and scratching away. At 1:00 a.m. this morning. The noise was so loud both Husband and I sat up wondering which one of us would missile a pillow at the stupid cat we thought was making the noise. It sounded like he was rolling a bowling ball around on gravel scattered across a tin roof, occasionally hitting up against a metal grate.

Stupid cat was at the foot of the bed also looking for the source of the noise.

Husband took the bedside flashlight and shined it at the left wall of our bedroom. I expected to see a raccoon sized hole with a raccoon, a bevy of squirrels, and perhaps a terrorist sized rat sitting and gnawing away either the insulation, the electrical wires, or even the wall studs themselves. Nothing but a wall. My imagination too large for that time of the day.

Husband went into the boys' room next door to see if the sound could be heard there. Not. But it grew louder in our bedroom. Loud noises early in the morning are directly proportional in loudness to how early it actually is.

Husband got up and examined the wall, the vent, the outside eave, and the ceiling. No entrance into our bedroom. Yet. But the captive critter caught between the eave and our bedroom sheetrock was determined to be free. Or create significant havoc in freedom's quest.

There was nothing to do at 1:00 this morning other than ask Husband for a pair of ear plugs, plug them in, roll over and pray I wasn't eaten by a raccoon, a bevy of squirrels, or a terrorist sized rat before morning.

I don't know if the critter successfully escaped or died in the wall. I guess we'll find that out next.


  1. We had a critter visiting us with it's scratching for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it sounded like it would come right through the wall! OYE! We haven't heard anything for about a month now. It is so hard to get rid of those critters...

  2. We had our share of critters dying in the wall of the lodge when we were in Colorado. We could never find the opening, no matter how long and hard we looked. Oh, the smell! A raccoon once tore off some siding in an attempt to get in to build a nest. Yeesh.

    I really hope your critter got out, but if not, you'll soon know. And I'll be very sorry for you.

  3. We had a mouse in our wall for a few nights. It wasn't loud, but it was annoying.

  4. The more wee the hour the more noisy the critter seems ;)