Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Era of soup...

or what we like to eat when it is not 90 million degrees outside. Because living here in Hotter Than, GA, means we get to experience summer for nearly 7 months, the boys look forward to two events: the first night of soup and the first night for a fire. Usually the two are separated by about a month because Husband and I believe it should be less than 50 degrees outside before setting a fire. Soup, however, can be served once it hits the 60's.

My boys have always been great soup eaters. This includes stews and chilis. I never thought about most kids not preferring soup probably because we've always kept a "I cooked it, you'll eat it," rule around here. I am your mother not your short order cook. So the boys have learned to enjoy lots of soups.

Our favorites are:

1) Corn crab chowder
2) 15 bean soup
3) Cheeseburger soup
4) Chicken dumpling soup
5) Tomato soup with a twist
6) Taco soup
7) Turkey soup
8 )Chili
9) Mushroom soup
10) Beef stew

Whenever I make soup for us, I always make a double, sometimes triple, batch. It is too easy of a meal to not put away some extra for freezing and pulling out later for lunches or dinnertime pinches. As long as I have great crusty bread for the side, I do not hear sighs when soup time is announced.

We are always looking for new soup recipes. I have some new ones to try this year but would love your input. What are some of your family's favorites? And if I have listed one you are interested in, let me know in the comments and I'll send you the recipe.


  1. We had 15 bean last night. All of your list would be a hit at my house except for #9. Daughter can't tolerate mushrooms...her loss.
    Chicken tortilla soup is good and of course Borsch.

  2. I love soup, and we enjoy several of the soups on your list. The Corn Crab Chowder sounds so good to me, but my husband is allergic to crab. How about sharing the Cheeseburger Soup? I bet my guys would love it. Thanks, Elle.

    I'll try to post a soup recipe this week on my blog.

  3. One of our favorite soups is called Soup for a Group or 1 2 3 Soup.
    1 Can of ranch style beans
    2 cans of tomatoes (stewed, ro-tel, whatever)
    3 cans of minestrone soup.
    you can add a pound of ground beef too.
    SO easy and good!

  4. The corn crab chowder is also great with canned chicken in place of the crab. I want the cheeseburger soup too please.