Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A question of import....

Where do you hide your chocolate?

I ask this because in only a matter of days houses all over this great country will experience a massive chocolate explosion. We will engage in some form of candy tsunami. Perhaps you will participate in the Halloweenie type of event or its substitute Harvestial Festival or even its close cousin Reformanda Eventada.

And for those of you who will graciously bypass all the former markings of the season, how tempted might you find yourself the day after as you stroll through your local grocers to the view of 90% off candy? Chocolate included.

It is almost too good to be true. For whether our children bring it home and we scrupulously examine it for opened packages and razor blades, or we throw the loot in our own bags, the question remains: After you have pilfered, purloined, or purchased, where will you hide the booty for the following days and months?

Every woman needs that secret space of goodies. I have a few options. For several years I kept my stash in an upper cabinet over the broom closet. None of the children were tall enough to reach into it, and they were not allowed to use the step stool so it was a perfect place.

Now they tower over me who still needs a step stool to get into that cabinet.

Secondly, I stash some things best kept cold in the refrigerator freezer. I hide the bags behind the corn meal or the frozen peas. Definitely items that I know they will not be picking up for consumption.

However, I have discovered that this sin of stashing has passed to the next generation and they have discovered its value in regards to stowing away their own loot from their own brothers.

Thirdly, I have relented to putting my goods away upstairs in my room. That is still a somewhat hallowed place for them to trespass as from very young we taught them to respect the space called Mom and Dad's Room. I'm probably only safe with it there until Husband finds it.

Unless the chocolate contains peanut butter and then he will leave it alone. I do not mind that concession at all.

'Fess up. Where do you hide your chocolate?

In case I visit, of course.


  1. My secret... I bring it out and share it (because hiding never works), but not all, ONLY one square a day. It is even part of our homeschool curriculum :)

    I actually have a post on "How to Eat a Good Chocolate Bar"


  2. I laughed at your "Reformanda Eventada" comments. My husband rarely darkens the doors of most of our kitchen cupboards so anything higher than an eight year old is safe for me.

    On a more serious note, I read your other blog sporadically and didn't realize you had lost a young son many years ago. I read a few entries about James a few nights ago and was very touched by your grief. My youngest brother died at the age of 24 in a car accident eight years ago and my parents have known the grief of losing a son. His name was Timothy James. I wanted you to know that as a sister in Christ, my heart goes out to you. May you continue to know the peace that only He can provide.