Monday, October 24, 2011

Car mechanics 101....

is in full swing this fall. Earlier I wrote about the boys' inherited vehicle from my brother-in-law. The car has been the center of much discussion and many dreams. Some weeks ago Pele came inside from sitting in the car and told me,"Mom, I've seen my future self." "How did your future self look?" "Well, he looks good. A bit taller though."

Be still my heart.

So far they have learned to replace a radiator hose, flush and fill the radiator, refill and recharge the battery, clean the battery posts, replace the air filter, blow out the windshield washer tubes, refill the windshield washer fluid, and, of course, the time honored wash and wax treatment. Husband is the instructor that would make Mr. Miagi proud.

Truly, be still my heart.

I recognize that while teaching the boys these life skills is essential to their maturity, teaching the boys these life skills means they are that much closer to maturity. The bittersweetness presses my heart to a pulp some days. Today I was reminiscing about when I had my first back surgery and from my bed rest position taught my then 10-year-old how to cook grilled cheese sandwiches for his then 9 and 7-year-old brothers. Now that former 10-year-old is the 14-year-old washing and waxing his car.

Whereas I used to count the days until certain things would be over--sleepless nights, teething, diapering, potty training--now I am counting the days I have left for filling up their heads and hearts with the necessaries for life. That list seems to grow longer even while my days grow shorter.

Be still my heart, truly.


  1. Love the Car Mechanics great is that!?
    I'm having a few be still my heart moments as we count down the days to little girl (25 yrs. old) moving all the way to North Carolina!
    Your boys are getting the best kind of education...

  2. I agree with Ellen---the best kind of education going on at your house. What a wonderful blessing for your sons!