Monday, March 21, 2011

You never know who will....

be at the front door.

When my sister and I were young and silly, one night Daddy was especially sleepy after supper. He started asking my mom if she had put a sleeping pill in his food because he couldn't stay awake. My sister and I picked up on this teasing and began to tell Daddy that Mom had done so because her boyfriend was coming over any minute. Our house was a laughing place and we all had a pretty good chuckle about this idea.

A) That Mom had drugged Dad and B) that Mom had a boyfriend on the way over to the house.

And then the doorbell rang. You should have seen the horror on my sister's face as well as mine. We were probably about 6 and 10 years old and the thought that our teasing held any truth was appalling.

Dad and Mom burst out laughing, looking at us, and Dad went to get the door. When he opened the door he began to laugh harder because it was a man. Our neighbor, without his toupee, was standing there. At this point I believe my sister began to tear up and Mom quickly comforted her that this man was not her boyfriend.

The neighbor did not know at all what was going on and may have unfortunately thought that he was the punchline of a joke. Because of that toupee thing. I don't know. But it was the last time we ever teased about Mom having a boyfriend.

Last night we were trying to instant stream on Netflix The Two Towers. Which is not available for instant streaming. I told the boys that I would have to add it to our queue and wait for it to come. The Chairman wasn't truly content with this idea. I told him that clicking "Add" did not mean that Netflix would get the request and ring the doorbell.

Guess what happened?

I clicked "Add" and within a few minutes, the doorbell did ring. The Chairman crowed, "Hey Mom, I think it worked!"

It was a friend there to pick up his son's left here by mistake toys from a previous playdate. We settled for watching Home Alone 3 but all I could think of is, you never know who will be at your front door.

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  1. Oh that's just too funny. I needed a laugh this afternoon!