Saturday, March 19, 2011

You think I've given....

Up blogging for Lent. Don't you?

Nope. Just trying to keep living busyness at a dull roar. Everyone is well. And growing. The height count for last week was 5'6", 5'4", and 4'3". Publix loves to see me walk in the door.

We finished our school attendance requirements so now we finish the curriculum and plan for next year. That has soaked up a good bit of my free time recently. I have decided to practice high school for their eighth grade year in transitional stages so we do not all lose our minds at actual high school.

That sentence sounded great in my head but do not ask me to 'splain it now.

Enjoying the 12 days of Spring and now preparing for the 322 days of summer. Seeing everything that doesn't fit the boys brings nostalgia in like a steamroller. Yesterday they were all wearing overalls so I could heft them up by their back straps to keep them out of danger and mischief and mischievous danger. Hefting them anywhere now would cause another back surgery.

I am about to end another year of Bible teaching. This year of Isaiah has been incredible. Nothing like it. The Lord has been amazing as always. Summer break is always needed but I do miss the regularity of teaching weeks.

Which is why I'm dipping my hand again into some more whole foods type things. Our experiment today was to modify the PW cinnamon rolls a bit. I met with a friend to turn her kitchen into the Cinnabon factory. I had to leave for a fish fry before the final results but last I heard she was running the kids off before they ate every one. I'll get my taste later.

And that would be the news. For now. Maybe I'll blog again before March close. And then again, maybe not.


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