Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring break for....

homeschoolers is a weird thing as regards scheduling. Basically, you take a spring break whenever you want. Some families try to match with a local school system schedule while others try to avoid that scenario at all cost. This year with Easter falling so late into April, even the school systems seem to be confused as to when is the best time to take the break.

We chose this week because it worked out with the Bible study schedule I teach. The boys initially were all excited about the break thinking that it meant no lessons at all and sleeping in until noon.

Um, hi. I'm your mom. Have you met me, yet?

I have redone the breakfast time to afford them some sleeping in and I told them that their school work would be only clean up type stuff, a field trip and some review work. Yesterday's first task was to clean out the school boxes into the usual three piles: save for next year, recycle and sell at the used books sale. I was pleasantly surprised to see all that was accomplished and other items still available for next year (which translates into saved pennies at the upcoming convention).

Today's task was a quarterly science test for the older two, which means that the end of general science is in sight. While those two were working on their test, I flew through 16 lessons of math with the youngest, testing his concept mastery and noting which items still need review.

That may be my most favorite thing about homeschooling--the ability to concentrate the learning and not spend repetition on concepts already understood. Huge savings all around in both time and money, not to mention frustration. Interested students make better learners than bored students.

Tomorrow involves a field trip with friends and the end of the week will probably be rounded out with some play dates for the boys, school planning for me and a visit from dear friends. Our homeschool convention is around the corner and nothing makes me happier than to have the lists together and ready.

I guess you could say that our spring break is a staycation type. We're good with that. Learning to take a breather from the regular is restive. The week doesn't have to involve travel to be interesting nor great expense to be enjoyable. We chose homeschooling to get our family out of the rat race. I suppose spring break should also reflect those choices.

What does your family choose for spring break?


  1. We went to Africa and got a baby. Nothing too big.

    CONVENTION!!! Yay!!!!

  2. "Have you met me, yet?" cracked me up! I haven't actually "met" you and I could see the flaw in their plan.