Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time with friends and....

now time alone for reflection.

Dear friends from Arkansas made their way to our house for a quick B & B. These friends are like the boys' local (not so much anymore) aunt and uncle. They used to live here but career moved them away. I grew up moving around and there was more than one time that I resented how moving impacted friendships. As an adult, I can look back and think of how it jump started a heart for adaptation and flexibility.

Something I needed when my first of many "nevers" happened; as in, I'll never marry anyone in the military and I'll never move around a lot. Umm, yes you will it seems. God listens to those "nevers" and is Never afraid to have you live them if part of your sanctification process. It's a reverse manner, I believe, of not being careful for what you prayed.

So oddly enough, here we are, still, in Georgia, the longest single place we have ever lived. The itch to move has been mine more than once, but the Lord has us planted. For now. And getting used to the idea that others move in and out of our lives is still part of keeping that heart for adaptation and flexibility in use.

Which is why when solid friendships are formed, those friendships endure a move. For that solidity, this week especially, I was thankful. Laughter renewed, old jokes retold with new inflection, old habits appreciated and new adventures for sharing. Time together, because rare, is a gift.

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  1. I find security in stability, sometimes to a paralyzing fault. I graduated with many of the same people I went to first grade with - in Orlando - not exactly a small town. I lived not only in the same city, but the same school zone! Now, more than 25 years (man, I'm OLD) later, I still live within 20 minutes of my high school. Meanwhile, FirstHusband was an army brat and moved more times than I can count. I can't imagine it.