Thursday, February 24, 2011

In a galaxy far, far away....

there was this blog. And a writer. Who used to write. And to whom life happened.

Here's the highlights:

1) Attended a wonderful leadership retreat where the teaching was tops and the fellowship every form of fun. Whether it was the line waiting for the elevators or the line at the ladies' restroom, there was reason to smile and rejoice in viewing all that God is doing through the thorough study of His Word.

2) At the same retreat, on both the front end and the back end, I got to spend a sweet time with a friend. We laughed till the tears squeezed out of our eyes and there may have been some snorting involved. I can neither confirm nor deny. Earth Fare smoothies were involved and a sighting of Andie McDowell as well. I'll Groundhog Day that weekend again anytime. My ribs still hurt. Contentedly.

3) Made it back home to mountains of laundry but four really happy guys who held their own, held the house and held a party that did not involve eating the contents of the refrigerator.

4) Cleaned out the refrigerator. See #3.

5) Went grocery shopping. See #4.

6) Attended homeschool co-op. Continued with finishing up of curriculum. We are within days of our 180 days. WooT!

7) Caught a cold. Currently fighting it. Not related to #6. This is like a summer cold in February. Does that make sense? It does when February means 70 degree temps.

8) Making plans for Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls Baking Bonanza Day. Go away #7 so I can fully participate.

9) Making this list to keep the blog active.

10) Tossing in my own thankful note (Hat Tip to Thankful Thursday posters) for sustaining friendships and women who love the Word of God most of all.


  1. From this list it looks like you are getting stronger and stronger!

  2. I'm excitedly anticipating our retreat next year! So glad you had such a wonderful time of fellowship and refreshment in His Word.