Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hot topics at the house...

these days, for the boys, includes The Two Towers. Namely, how long will it take me (Mom) to read through it before they can watch the movie. We read, discussed and viewed Fellowship of the Ring in January/February.

To which I reply: I'm working on it. Work with me. Target is end of March.

Second hot topic is how many more days do we have of school? My boys ask this question because we start in June and they know that February/March means the end of counting days is near. Not that they are sending in those attendance reports, mind you.

What they conveniently forget is that the end of curriculum is still required and usually, not always, but in some subjects, takes us through April.

Third hot topic for them is their latest Lego movie project. This has become such a big area of interest for them that I'm considering making it an official piece of their curriculum. I know this can be done but I'm investigating more of the particular "how" of the task.

Which leads me to the adults' hot topic. The wheres and hows of homeschooling high schoolers. And with that the development of transcripts and individual learning tracks.

The older two will only be eighth graders this June, but I already sense the pressure of the coming years. And I'm not just talking about the rising cost of groceries for these guys. Husband and I are seriously discussing what our lives will and must look like to be able to provide an excellent high school education. The task is an overwhelming thought at times.

But I know that our Lord specializes in neutralizing overwhelming circumstances. I am heavily depending upon that truth. Added to the facts of our research for homeschooling high schoolers, I am encouraged by the number of choices and resources that exist today.

For us, the thought process must begin now and not so much in the "we'll decide in the summer" realm.

I'd love to hear from any readers that are all ready homeschooling high schoolers as to things we should be considering. I'll be writing these out as they percolate through my brain.

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  1. Makes me glad I have a third grader :)