Saturday, February 5, 2011

After this morning's....

basketball game we had to drive over to Sam'* Club to pick up super large packages of stuff. What were we thinking?

Not that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. That's for sure. Because if we had thought about that, then we would have realized that most of Middle Georgia was also going to be at the Club to pick up super large packages of stuff.

Stuffmart for sure, Madame Blueberry.

The lines were long. The carts piled high. The noise level higher. Added to the general commotion was the fact that 80% of the people were there to eat lunch out of the sample stations which seem to have sprung up at every corner of an aisle. Sometimes two to an aisle.

It was wild.

And fun I admit. After the months of imposed bedrest and in home dormancy, the chance to get out amongst the people is a refreshing activity. I found myself not annoyed but really amused at the antics of those who find it necessary to stand in line for 1/4 of a chicken wing. Eleven times.

We are a strange people.

Our cart lugged itself out of the Club fairly intact and all boys still with us. That's both a successful and entertaining trip.


  1. We have to go to Costco for a few things. You just reminded me to go when the quarter-chicken-wing samples will be out for tasting. ;)

  2. FYI...there's a $200 limit to get out of Sam'* Club/Costco. Just so you know.