Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

the first one of February.

In the past, I've given February a bad name. The blahs and the winter blues seem to exceed themselves in ability to drag one down in the month of February. For the shortest month ever, the days of February can drag like the boys do when tasked with cleaning out the compost bucket.

I've decided to give February a clean slate. Your welcome, Febbie. I've thought it over and realized that approaching you this year means thinking on the positives, not in a Norman Vincent Peale sort of manner, but in the mode that defines a Thankful Thursday post.

So, Febbie, for your first Thursday, I am thankful for a quick and easy and great news doctor's appointment this morning.
I am thankful for a meal made by a neighbor this week that has supplied yummy leftovers the past couple of days.
I am thankful for plans with a girl's night out for tomorrow.
I am thankful for a ladies' retreat this month. I may even start packing today I'm so excited about going.
I am thankful for the opportunity to run errands today with the boys' help. Their growing muscles may take a lot of food to grow but in the shopping parts of the week, they certainly come in handy.

That's it for today, Febs. We'll see what good things you hold in store for us next week.


  1. Thankful with you for the good report from the doctor!

  2. Yippee for a good report. I'm glad you get a girls night out! Have fun!