Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday marked my return....

to church after eight weeks of bedrest. Woohoo! I had listened to sermons and teaching on CDs and my computer while at home. I have been ministered to by the body of Christ through all these weeks and known intimately the comfortable favor of the Lord Jesus Christ. But I confess that there was a unique beauty this morning in walking into His sanctuary and singing the hymns and hearing the music and reciting corporately the confessions. God knows that we need such physical fellowship with other believers.

The preached word was a beautiful affirmation of truths God has been impressing upon my heart, and I was satisfied to my soul roots in how perfect His words are when matched to His amazing works.

Topping off the service was sharing the Lord's Supper with Husband beside me and friends around. It was a highlight point.

The cliche is that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Um. Not always. I know that sometimes physical absence from a place or persons underlines how great it is to be relieved of that place and persons. Yet, in the case of this morning, being physically reunited with a true fellowship of God, there was a sweet warming of my heart to be back in His sanctuary and amongst His people.

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