Sunday, January 9, 2011

School closings are....

being announced in a ticker across the bottom of our football game. Snow and icy weather are predicted to start tonight and continue through tomorrow.

We'll see. Southerners have to both eternally hope for snow and also be skeptical. Hope translates into buying the french toast ingredients at your local grocery. Skepticism translates into moms not too worried that we can't find the gloves because we probably won't need them.

Besides, that is what mismatched socks are for, right?

Probably. I have certainly been surprised by the weather around here. But Husband went to the store today for the basics. Our regular trip, people, not a trip of desperation. I promise. We have plenty of grocery bags to wrap shoes with if the "worst" happens.

My kids want to know if they get a snow day since every other school is closing. Before anything has happened.

Nope. I am the meanest mom.

Well maybe. Let's see what white stuff happens. Or not.

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