Saturday, January 8, 2011

My feet feel....

mah-ve-lous. I've never had a pedicure in the winter. That's usually a spring or summer time splurge.

What was I thinking?

I did feel a bit silly peeling off socks to slip into the pedi spa but Wow! it was so worth it. I chose a very pale polish instead of a usual bright one because my toes are not on open display, but the polish was almost afterthought. The best part of the pedi was the scrub, the massage, the lotion, the vibrating chair, and the chat with my friend.

All right, I'm having a hard time picking the best part.

Doing something different today, that I would not have usually done, was part of the overall refreshment that this whole week has been. In spite of poor sleep. How good it is of the Lord to bring a stream into a desert.


  1. Well, it sure does! Glad you've had such a lovely week, Elle.

  2. What a good idea - I never have winter pedicures either. hmmmm.