Friday, January 7, 2011

Summing up the week....

in bullets that hit the mark.

1. Tuesday's doctor report was great. He said that I'm doing better than expected and my bonus gift was losing the hard shell part of my brace. I only have to wear the soft piece now. AND, he lifted several of my activity restrictions so I'm about to burst upon my part of the world again. Taking it slowly but looking forward to the return of errands, a hair appointment and Starbucks.

2. Wednesday was a return to teaching for me. It was like Christmas morning and I was eight years old and in possession of my Shaun Cassidy record player. Awe.some. Truly saw the splendor and glory of God. Or at least as much as this temporal existence will allow us. A sweet day of reunion and ceaseless giving thanks for God's amazing grace and goodness.

3. Thursday was a much needed day of rest as some sleeping issues continue. Yet another way to look at God's gift of 24 hours though is realizing that He doesn't litigate which ones are used for sleeping so the 3 1/2 hour nap I took in the afternoon was sheer gift.

4. Friday was full of laughter and seriousness as two friends came over with a yummy "girly" lunch that was only surpassed by the most excellent friendship forged in a refiner's fire. We shared not only God's works but words as we remembered how He had preserved us through difficult times and still showered His joy into us. The treasures of today will long be pondered.

5. Not here yet but Saturday holds the promise of a pedicure and window shopping.

All in all, a tremendous week of thankfulness for our family. How was your week?

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  1. Yippee for a good Dr. report and less restrictions. I hope that pedicure is fulfilled!
    Happy Weekend to you...