Monday, January 17, 2011

If a cat supposedly....

has nine lives, then why the heck would they need Young Again Cat Food? Is nine lives not enough times to be young again? Or does each life a cat has actually make him/her feel older?

Does the Young Again Cat Food kick in at a particular one of the nine lives or affect all of them? The ad guarantees no more fat cats. Shouldn't the name be Thin Again Cat Food?

Aren't some kittens chubby? Roly poly? Aren't most really old cats fairly thin? Or is that just the diabetic ones?

These are the things I want to know. That and why can't I keep a poinsettia alive longer than a month? Maybe they have Young Again Plant Food?

A lot comes through my various subscriptions to grocery deals and coupons and money saving tips. This one today sparked my thoughts. Oddly. Randomly. Erratically.

You're welcome.


  1. Pet owners and pet supplies and food are quite the ad targets these days it seems. "You don't feed your kids dry food out of a bag why would you feed your pets that?" That one really gets my ire up. You should hear me giving the t.v. my 2 cents worth...
    My response generally is "My kids aren't pets!!"
    Sorry for another soap box comment..

  2. I agree with your guess: subsequent lives make the cat feel older. Regardless of which life your cat is currently using, he/she still wants/needs to "feel" young again. What if, say by the third life, a cat begins to feel a bit stiff in the mornings? And by life 7, a cat no longer remembers things like he used to? I'd like for mine to forget where to leave his kills. Thanks, Coco, but I'm over the dead mole/chipmunk/bird/lizard/snake offerings.