Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dispelling a homeschool....

myth. Namely that those of us who school our children at home must have greater patience than those who choose other methods.

Many homeschooling moms are told this. Either with a sense of disbelief, envy or even impatience at such characteristics.

Let me be clear, as much as only speak for myself. I am pretty sure that I do not have greater quantifiable patience than other moms. While I may seem to exercise greater patience than some moms, I am just as certain that there are moms who exercise more than I do no matter their school choice.

Last week I had a hair appointment. The boys packed up their portable work and off we went. While my hair was returning to its color of choice, they were working on their science, vocabulary and reading. When it was time to go, my expectation was that everyone had their backpacks and off we went. Being the cool mom I stopped at a local restaurant to pick up chicken fingers and wings. Wa hoo. Look at me.

Home. In the garage. Headed up the stairs. The Chairman announces that he has left his backpack at the salon. Twenty minutes away. Forty minutes round trip. Cold chicken fingers and wings to anticipate now.

Exhibit A in just how little patience this homeschooling mom can have. It was a tense ride back to the salon. All the excitement I felt about the haircut was run over within the ride there and back as I fumed both out loud and inside to the universe at large regarding stewardship, responsibility and focus.

God chimed in at some point that He is the only One who does not ever forget. Ouch.

The ride back was redeemed in the knowledge yet again that I do not have any greater measure of patience than anyone else. I do, however, have the gift of multiple opportunities between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to be chastened on this point.

Depending upon which day you inquire with disbelief at my great amount of patience, I will be reminding myself of both its consequence and blessing.

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