Monday, January 17, 2011

Upward basketball has....

a new player in the Chairman. Being the youngest has mostly meant following the older two around to dozens of soccer practices, games and tournaments.

Except for that year where for some reason we thought we could manage everyone playing soccer. I have at least three stubborn grey hairs from that season of crazy. What were we thinking? Part of our philosophy towards sports is choosing that which allows the whole family to participate in support of one another. Three of us in City A and two of us in City B is not conducive to that goal. Even with cell phones. Verizon can't possibly replace having Mom jumping up and down on the sidelines.

After this fall's soccer, I had promised the Chairman that he could play the winter sport of choice while his two brothers rested their limbs. Our hopes were for an indoor soccer season but his age group didn't have enough of a showing to sport a team.

Which left our choice with basketball.

Ahem. I hate basketball. That's a well known fact in this household. Any of the boys will tell you so. Maybe it came from growing up in an over the top basketball state where all my classmates chose friendships based on which team you supported. I had no idea of the teams let alone a favorite.

Maybe the hostility began after Coach J insisted that we play basketball every P.E. session ad nauseum. Maybe bitterness grew after I badly sprained one finger and three days after that splint came off broke the corresponding finger on the other hand.

Take your pick. Mom hates basketball.

So it was a big pill to swallow to sign up the Chairman to But. The deed was done. Practices were begun. Shooting strategy and defensive tactics were discussed. Ye olde basketball goal once mowed down by the tractor was re-installed for afternoon home practices.

Saturday was the first game. They won 22-17.

Largely in part to the woman who was wildly waving her arms up and down on the sidelines. Or so I've been led to believe.