Monday, December 6, 2010

One of the perks....

to back surgery, I am informed by Husband, is that we do not have to travel anywhere this year. Any family get-togethers are at our house where everyone else does the work and I call from my daybed as to where the salad tongs are located. Cooking from a distance.

A friend emailed me the other day and mentioned that yet another perk was that I was missing all the stress of Christmas shopping. I co-opted my sister into being my "official" personal shopper on that one. She's been it "unofficially" for years but this year received the title. Between her, my mom and a few well-placed friends, the shopping will be done without me leaving the house.

While some would rejoice at that gift, I do not consider it a perk because I like the adrenaline rush of Christmas shopping. I'm one of those Black Friday types who won't camp on the sidewalk for a $4 DVD but does love the strategizing and planning for efficient snapping up of multiple good deals. Being a morning person means I'm usually up around that 5:00 a.m. time anyway and if that's when I can get a $4 DVD, fabulous.

However, BF aside, I still like the being out among people during the Christmas season and finding gifts. You run into all manner of people and typically while waiting in line a friendly conversation can be struck. There can be something uniquely bonding with a total stranger as you discuss the difficulties of finding that fleece jacket or just right gift for your 13 year old.

I'm convinced that  despite all the commercialism (that Christians profess to hate) during this season that there is room for genuine witness of Christian faith by an amiable countenance and genteel conversation with others. I believe also that it is truly incumbent upon the professing believer to demonstrate this witness as a vital difference within him or her.  Otherwise, what makes you different as a professing Christian if, when you are greeted by someone, you hastily walk away without pleasant speech and demeanor or worse, respond in a manner that even the casual observer recognizes as a distasteful attitude? We cannot expect others to believe Christ is center of our lives if we have predicated our example upon the ungodly behaviors of others.

So while those stockings are hung and the Christmas carols are sung and there is a more general cheer in the air of people trying to do for one another, Christian arise and live in such a way that those around you wonder what it is that makes you different. Why is she smiling in this line? Why is he patient when everyone else is not? Speak kindly to the beleaguered mom, the elderly gentleman and the tired toddler. Even speak cheerfully to the one you're pretty sure does not celebrate Christmas at all.

What better way to show honor to the Son of God than to live at every event this season, and beyond, as one who celebrates His life through demonstrable unselfish words and actions?

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