Monday, December 6, 2010

The attic was opened...

this morning and boxes were brought down containing all manner of ribbon and wreath, light and garland, ornament and stocking. This was the morning of decorating. Let me be perfectly clear. I do not festoon the house every year. I am more of the every other year sort and only for actual practical sake. We travel about every other year to family for Christmas and the idea of beribboning the house from top to bottom when we are not going to be home is often too overwhelming for me in light of my usual responsibilities.

Enter this year. We're not going anywhere. A'tall. We're firmly planted in this location for this entire Thanksgiving to New Year season. That and the boys are clamoring for decorations is what initiated my agreement with them that if they would bring down the boxes then I would ask my Mom to put them up. See how conveniently "I" am left out of that whole agreement? Back surgery makes you more clever.

Anyway, between school and lunch, the deed was done. Garland, lights and glittery fruit picks are now on the banister. Greenery, straw figurines and tiny wreaths are on the mantle and entertainment center. Christmas linens are adorning the table and the stockings are all hung by fireside. Even the piano is hosting its usual reindeer display.

But I beg you not to ask me about the tree yet. It will get here when it gets here. (Said in the Mr. Incredible voice). I've got to save some fun for Husband.

Em-pha-sis upon the fun part.


  1. Yippee for the deed being done. I'm saying an extra prayer for Mr. and the tree!

  2. Oh, I can see it now. Elle ensconced on her red sofa, wrapped in her new soft and flowing white robe, peppermint stick pointer in hand, directing the hanging of the greens. Brilliant move, that clever back surgery... :)

  3. So will your tree be naked or clothed this year???