Friday, December 3, 2010

My heart is....

particularly full from the fullness of many visits by friends these last few days. There has been a steady stream of visitors expressing care and love to my family in numerous ways. Delicious meals, a beautiful covered with prayer fuzzy blanket, a Starbucks delight, a playdate for the boys, and so on. When you see the wonders of God in action through the hands and feet of His true people, it is a marvel to wonder at and know yourself humbly blessed.

I am convicted though to remember that there are many in my own situation this season, while not necessarily recovering from back surgery, that will have felt needs as well. My family is extremely fortunate to have a large circle of compassion as evidenced by enough get well cards to paper my downstairs bathroom walls. Yet there are many who will wonder in loneliness if anyone knows their need. There will be the widow or the single mom or the discouraged mother who will need a touch of kindness and grace.

I want the Lord to help open my eyes to ways I can be of comfort to them. For our own afflictions have part of their purpose in making us who have received comfort be of comfort to others. Even from my bed rest I can still pick up pen and paper and send His words to others.

I cannot remember the last time I sent Christmas cards. I annoy myself with how lacking I am in this social and cultural event. However, this year I am asking the Lord to lay upon my heart the names of those who need not a Merry Christmas card but a word of promise from Him that has its roots in His promised One. I believe that is where I will spend my postage this year.

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