Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving #23...

I am thankful for my good friend who gave her day to invalid-sit me. My mom had to leave this morning and there was going to be a gap in the caretaking time. Suspicion seems to ride high in this house that if left alone I may possibly, probably, oh do something that currently I'm not allowed to do. Like pick up a cookie sheet. The restrictions are crazy for me right now. My brain wants to do what my body will not allow. And even if my body would allow, the people in charge of me right now will not.

So the epic struggle of will vs. will continues. Which is why I am thankful for a friend willing to give her day to not only help in the daily necessaries of laundry and sweeping and lunch prep and snack distribution but also in keeping me mentally engaged so I'm better able to discipline my will to the will presently in charge of my recovery.

Gratitude for those who sacrificially give out of the grace of their own hearts and lives has become quite precious to me in these many weeks. The Lord is good in who He provides.


  1. Is it wrong that I'm slightly jealous of your friend? I wanna come play at your house and boss you around for a day!!!!

  2. Such a sweet thanksgiving... I'm sure your friend was blessed to be with you.