Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving #22...

I am thankful today for soreness that comes from beneficial activity. Part of my physical therapy regimen right now is to walk. That's it, just walk. But each day I'm supposed to increase my amount of walking. I'm still relegated to the house so distance comes down to how many times through the kitchen, dining room and back through the den. It's small steps. Literally and mentally, but small steps is where one must start to receive benefits.

The last couple of days a good night's sleep had me feeling really up to some kitchen/dining/den laps. Last night's sleeping was not as good so walking today I felt soreness which kept me from too many laps. That caused discouragement until Husband reminded me that I should feel some soreness from having pushed myself a bit more the last couple of days.

So I've decided I need to be thankful for soreness that comes from beneficial activity. I've had the soreness of consequences and the soreness of errors, but neither held the promise of strength and full recovery. Today's soreness reminds me of the purposes behind this surgery, this physical therapy and this recovery. And that's the kind to have these days.

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