Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving #21...

I am thankful today for the Church Invisible. During a large part of this convalescence, I am not able to attend a Church Visible worship service. I miss singing the hymns and the "live" hearing of the preached Word. I miss the hugs, smiles and hand shakes of fellow members. I miss speaking together the shared confessions and prayers of the congregation.

But because of the Church Invisible, I do not miss in any part the continual favor of the Living God whose grace once shed upon His child is never removed. His covenant to be neverfailing in presence or activity in the life of the elect is solely dependent upon His faithfulness. That is reason to rejoice in the pleasures and gifts of the Church Invisible.

One of the sweetest gifts of the Church Invisible is how its visible blessings are communicated by its visible membership. Denominations and diversities swept aside, the fruits of the One Spirit shared by those who worship the same Father, it has been the Church Visible that has been in attendance upon me and my family these many weeks. We have received the benefits of many tangible blessings of meals and visits, of gifts and cards, of prayers and help.

I am thankful for God's Church Eternal.


  1. The Church Invisible and the unity of it through Christ! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing to us! And, if possible, I think I learn to appreciate it even more each passing day...well, week, at least.

  2. I, too, echo your thoughts on the Church Invisible and Visable. We sometimes take it for granted--or at least I do. I pretty passionate about encouragment through practical acts.

  3. Yes, how sweet it is to be among True Believers. What peace and comfort we share when we follow the example of our Lord and Savior in showing each other TRUE love for the brethren. In reading your post, it appears that you are benefiting from the Invisible Church as well as the Visible Church. Thank goodness it is the Lord who is the record keeper of names in the Book of Life and not men. We are praying for your continued recovery.