Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving #15....

I am thankful for ginger ale. When you are dry mouthed after surgery, there is nothing like ginger ale to take the edge off of that thirst and refresh your scratchy throat. I'm thankful that ginger ale is readily available too. Shasta it is. Every hospital seems to carry its own brand of ginger ale.

Sorry so short but I'm still a bit under the influence. Not of the Shasta, but all the other stuff.


  1. I actually really like ginger ale and consider it one of the perks of being sick or recovering from surgery.

    Here's hoping (and praying) you are a bit less under the influence each day, Elle!

  2. I love ginger ale when my tummy is upset. I am thankful too.

  3. For my son, there is no cure that beats Ginger Ale. Whenever he is sick, he will easily drink an entire big bottle. Nothing else will do for him!