Saturday, November 6, 2010

The memes are baaaaaack....

and frankly, I'm relieved. There is just something off with blogging if a good meme isn't spinning around the internetical world. Thanks to Lori at Tree Climbing Adventures, I have meme fodder!

*Disclaimer: I'm known in the meme world to not always follow the rules. These rules are to answer the 8 questions. Come up with another 8 questions and tag another 8 people to answer them. Does that make this the Crazy Eights meme?

1. Football or basketball? Football definitely. What makes me odd in the South though is my football love is not college but pro. I didn't go to a university that had a major football program so I didn't develop any manic loyalty. However, I did grow up with a Mom who knew how to cheer for her Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys (of whom we will not talk about right now). So far I'm raising my boys in the same tradition.  
2. Chocolate or potato chips? As a go to treat, definitely chocolate.  
3. What book are you reading right now? C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.  
4. Are you still in touch with you childhood best friend? Yes. She's still a fiery redhead in North Carolina. We started out as childhood enemies and became great friends.  
5. Did you cry harder in "Up" or "Toy Story 3"? (If you saw both but didn't cry in either... do you have working tear ducts?) I have not seen "Toy Story 3" yet, but have all plans to do so as I have heard it was a wonderful movie. I did watch "Up" and cried through the whole thing practically. I even cried while describing it to Husband later that day, and still cry when talking about certain parts of it. My tear ducts are in full functioning order.  
6. What did you eat for dinner last night? House Lo Mein and Won Ton soup from China Gourmet. Oh yeah.  
7. Favorite book you read as a child? The Westinghouse Game  
8. Do you paint your toes? If so, what color are they right now? Yes, but currently they are clear since I'm in closed toe shoes most days.
    Now. For my 8 questions:

    1. Will you drink regular coffee after 4 p.m.?
    2. Do you take your coffee black or with creamer?
    3. When you sleep in of a morning, how late is it when you do get up?
    4. What is your version of comfy clothes?
    5. Slippers, slipper socks, moccasins or sheepskin booties?
    6. Which, if any, high school or college reunions have you attended?
    7. How many times have you changed your hairstyle in the last 2 decades?
    8. If you went back to college tomorrow, what would you major in this time?

    And the taggees are:
    Jules of Everyday Mommy
    Rosemary of Rosemary at Home
    Lora Lynn of Vitafamiliae
    Kim of Hiraeth
    Lisa of Lisa Writes
    Leslie of Alabamenagerie


    1. Oh...taggee, you say?

    2. This taggee did her duty. Go read!

    3. My answers are up! Thanks for the invitation!

    4. Okay, if you wait for me to answer this on the blog, it will never happen b/c of ... well, anyway, is it cheating to answer your questions in the comments?

      1. No. Only decaf after... noon, usually. I am a pansy.
      2. I like a little coffee with my milk and sugar.
      3. 9 am. To sleep any later would be cruel and unusual punishment for my husband.
      4. A pair of navy blue GAP sweatpants I've had for years and one of husband's shirts.
      5. I have a pair of wal-mart brand clog-like things that are plaid that I bought at a yard sale for a buck. Andrew hates them but they always seem to appear on my feet in the winter. It's how I like to kick off the cold season, with a trip into the dregs of my closet for the shoes he hates.
      6. I went to my high school tenth. My college recently called wanted to know if I wanted to be the director so I could keep up with all my friends and teachers. I told her if I could name ONE friend or colleague from my alma mater, I'd do it, but since I couldn't, the answer was NO. I'm pretty sure she hung up on me.
      7. My children changed my hair in the last decade. They gave it crazy curl. I am learning to cope.
      8. Museum history instead of just history.

    5. I just picked up the Westinghouse Game at our library bookstore. I got sucked into it and can't believe I missed it as a child! 6 tags... you're such a renegade!

    6. I've been such a bloggy phantom that I didn't even know I was tagged! Yippee! New post fodder!