Saturday, November 6, 2010

November, Thanksgiving #6...

Gratitude for little things builds the habit of gratitude all around. It's the practice of teaching a child to say, "Thank you," every time that keeps him remembering to say it when you're not there to nudge, prompt or mouth the words to him.

Here's a list of some little things, and not so little things, that I'm thankful for today:

1) A quiet house in the early dark morning where I can think and pray, study and prepare for teaching.
2) Comfy clothes consisting of fleece pants, Nova Scotia sweatshirt and fluffy socks.
3) A very hot cup of coffee that steams my face up when I drink but fulfills its bigger purpose of helping keep my eyes open.
4) The warm bed I left and just might return to after getting a little bit more preparation work done.
5) The snuggly husband still in that warm bed.
6) A sleep in morning for the boys who have worked really hard this week at school and community service.
7) A soccer game played in this fall weather later today.
8 ) Soup and crusty bread planned for supper.
9) The promise of a nap later this afternoon and maybe even a chick flick with popcorn.
10) Contentment that the Lord's way is always best.
11) Excitement to see how the Lord's way is being worked out.
12) Satisfaction for a day starting out well and certainty in Him that no matter what happens the day will end just as well.


  1. Wonderful list of thankfulness, Elle!

  2. Oh, I get such warm feelings reading your list. Thanking God with you for all these things in my life, too!

  3. I love the quiet of the early morning when I can feast on the Word! You'll find me sipping hot tea instead of coffee, though. :) You have a very sweet list, Elle!

  4. I've been trying to decide which one of the blessings on your list speaks to me the most today. Maybe its #12....