Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanksgiving #7...

Today I'm thinking of how thankful we are for our church and church family. When life constantly exposes you to unbiblical thinking and teaching, it is an encouragement and blessing to gather with God's people on Sunday and enjoy the preached Word. Our pastor has a clear heart for the unsaved, and I love that with every sermon he presents the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no rambling or fluff just the clear and winsome gospel of grace.

Today's passage was Romans 8:1-21. Pastor talked on the blessings of belonging to God. The outline went like this:

1) Blessing of no condemnation
2) Blessing of transformation by the Holy Spirit
3) Blessing of His perfect Fatherhood
4) Blessing of completion of transformation

These are all things that I am thankful for today. I am His and He is mine. No man can change that truth on this earth or in heaven. Walking each day in obedience to His Word can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit who marks my efforts with His seal of my inheritance. In conviction and discipline, the Spirit reminds me that I am not my own, that my heart must submit, and that my life must evidence His work and not mine.

Embraced by my Abba Father, I will rejoice in the foretaste He gives, in the assurance He gives, and in the testimony He gives to my spirit. Whether pursued by evil men or events, I will rest in the truth that my life is held by the promise of a completed transformation. Because He has covenanted and completes His children, neither man nor works can remove His grace.


  1. Amen to thanksgiving for those blessings, Elle!

  2. It IS truly refreshing and a blessing to be among true fellow believers. What assurance we have in His promises and to trust that it is the work of the Holy Spirit and not man's whims or opinions that guides and directs us. All praise to the Father!