Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday soliloquy...

and silence.

I am home alone.
The boys went with their Dad yesterday evening on an adventure.
One that did not include me.
Happy sigh.

The house is only full of the sound of my fan.
I love my fan.
It follows me around the house as necessary.
Kitchen, dining room, even den.
That's a true fan.

I slept in this morning because only the cats wanted breakfast.
And I could ignore them for a bit. But only a little bit.
I ate my breakfast in a silence that did not include the recounting of a Star Wars dream where he finally caught Count Dooku.
I emptied the dishwasher in a silence of only my careless clanging of the plates, and no one else's.

I worked on my Bible study in a silence that was not punctuated by the basement door opening and closing.
Now that Word is marinating in my brain.
I keep jotting down the thoughts that spring in, hoping that one thread will connect them together by Tuesday.

I went to the grocery store in a silence and did not answer any questions that started with, "Can we have....?"
So I talked to myself up and down the aisles.
A couple of people looked at me strangely.
So I just smiled. Silently.

I had a pedicure. California Raspberry is calming.
The technician said four words to me: massage? manicure? razor? $23.
The girls next to me chattered.
I read.

I watched a ridiculous movie and am now wondering why I wasted my life on such a thing.
If there had been noise, I would not have watched that movie.
Sometimes silence is not a good thing.

Silence has its place and time. Only.

Soliloquy over.

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