Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Four blisters on three toes...

was the afterwards of a formerly most comfortable pair of black heels I have ever owned. Those slingbacks betrayed me today.

So I put them into the trash. Life is too short for a pair of non-functional shoes.

Three excited boys about one last hurrah at the pool with friends. Yes, it was a bit fall-ish to go there. But there also contains a hot tub which kept their lips from turning blue.

Two possibilities for supper tonight. Blogging is only forestalling the decision. Inevitability is less a motivator and more of an enabler.

One awesome Lord showed Himself beautiful and glorious at Bible study this morning. Holy, Holy, Holy was sung all the way up to the rafters. One day it will be on the lips of all His people.

Blisters, pool friends, supper and the Lord. The afternoon musings and thankfulness of today.

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