Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oops, wrong way....

I heard yesterday almost two dozen times. I was having some routine x-rays done and the sweet little technician was trying her best to position me on the table. She would put me in perfect position on the table and then try to move the table so that the light for the x-ray camera (is it a camera really?) would capture the necessary picture.

Every time, save one, she moved the table the wrong direction. If left was needed, she went right. If right, then left. If up, then down. If down, then up. And every time she moved the table the wrong way, she would sweetly say, "Oops! Wrong way."

Honestly, it made me giggle. Really giggle. So much so that I would drop out of form and we'd have to start all over.

She was a dear, and kept apologizing for the extra table riding I was enduring. I told her it made the whole event memorable.

With our homeschooling this week, the first couple of days were, um, challenging. We have chosen to work on school year round for the purpose of taking small breaks throughout the year. To a great degree that helps each of us avoid the jet lag effect of leaving break and re-entering routine. However, our last break was a bit longer than most and the jet lag and re-entry for each of us has been more difficult.

Monday and Tuesday highlighted the challenges with attitudinal issues that called for drastic re-adjustment, across the board. (Translation: get your underdrawers out of a wad and get on with yourself to the responsibilities.)

By Wednesday I was considering either another break or breaking into something. Like a big ugly cry. Having to get these x-rays done became a diversion that illustrated where my re-adjustment really needed to happen.

Having myself in perfect position for teaching is of no use if I keep going the wrong way. My wrong way was my attitude and response to the boys' wrong way attitudes. It is only the Light from above that rightly identified my wrong way. Confessing that, praying about that, putting on a new attitude in a quiet time this morning, doing that, not only has allowed me to laugh with the boys this morning for school, but has seen all of our attitudes and responses get back on the right way.

Makes the morning memorable for the right reasons. The Lord is good and gracious to those who trust in Him. And He is gently patient while we are still learning to do so.


  1. I love how you always find the object lesson in things. Even x-rays.

  2. Hope your back isn't giving you trouble again, Elle!

    And yes, the Lord is good and gracious, and patient to us in our slowness in learning to trust Him.