Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So, what do you think of....

the new digs? Aren't they cute? I mean, polka dots? Come on! I love polka dots!

A big huge, enormous shout out of appreciation to Jules, The Everyday Mommy for her fabulous work. I believe I will be quite happy here. It almost feels like an old home reunion since I started out at Blogger. Rented at Typepad for a while. Leased at Wordpress, but have decided to build at Blogger.

It is the woman's blogger prerogative--change platforms and designs. Multiple times.

Please mark your bookmarks and feed readers if you like to visit. It is nice to think that someone out there is listening to a complete thought.


  1. You're so very welcome my friend. Enjoy!

  2. Polka dots. Always in season. They can change colors, too. With the seasons. Holiday and whatever.

    A Complete Thought. Blogger. Typepad. Wordpress. Wherever. Always in season.

    Can't go wrong with a "Jules" design. My favorite.

    Glad you're here. Glad you're continuing to write. Look forward to reading your blog. No matter what home it has.

  3. It looks fresh and good here Elle!

  4. I'm partial to polka dots---these remind me of dotted Swiss. Yay for Jules' good work on your header; always looks good.

    Your new address is all comfy and settled on my feed reader!

  5. Love the polka dots and yes, you are moved on my feed reader too!

  6. Huh, I'm glad you said something b/c I hadn't even clicked over here. I read you in google reader and I just switched my stuff in google reader and it never occured to me to look at the new blog! Great job Jules!

  7. I'm loving the polka dots. So fresh and happy... they make me think of soft clothes fresh off the clothes line. Maybe I'll drink a glass of lemonade while reading your blog from now on. Off to switch you on my google reader!

  8. Love the new look!! :) I love polka dots too...but I really, really love the new header! Very cute!!