Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He is....

the guy I saw across the room at a fateful fraternity party.

the guy I nursed a crush on for a year before finally giving it up. (But not before dancing with him at another college party and gushing to a friend that HE was the man I would marry.)

the guy who would have nothing to do with me during the year of the crush because I was not following God.

the guy who noticed when my life changed.

the guy who became a friend and watched Rear Window with me.

the guy whose Mustang was totaled while I was in it.

the guy who finally asked me out for a real date. (We ate seafood and went to a play.)

the guy who told me on our second date that we would be married.

the guy who proposed to me on a golf course. (Though neither of us have anything to do with golf.)

the guy for whom I finished a double major in three years so we could be married. (Almost two years after we first met.)

the guy for whom I moved to Korea for three months. (We ended up being there almost another whole year.)

the guy for whom I moved to the middle of nowhere in Missouri. (And I've moved a dozen times since with him.)

the guy who I told on his 27th birthday that I was pregnant with his child.

the guy who held my hand while our son was born.

the guy who stuck with me for two and a half years during our son's illness.

the guy who wept with me and for me at our son's death.

the guy who I almost left because grief was so deep, so dark, so despairing.

the guy who let me know that he would never let me go no matter how dark, how deep, how despairing.

the guy who I fell back into love with because of God. (And have grown to love more deeply since.)

the guy with whom I have welcomed into our lives three more amazing sons through circumstances only God could have ordained.

the guy who hears me out with intent listening, even hearing what I did not say but meant.

the guy who always knows how to make me laugh until I plead for mercy so I can breathe.

the guy who knows when I need my feet rubbed.

the guy who knows when I need to be brought back into line. (Or let loose!)

the guy who forgives my offenses against him quickly and does not hold a grudge.

the guy who knows when I need coffee or chocolate or a hug or all three.

the guy who surprises me with thoughtful gifts when there is no specific occasion to celebrate.

the guy who is the Daddy to my sons, teaching them life skills, school skills, sports skills, scout skills and teaching them most importantly, to be men who honor God.

the guy to whom I have pledged my life, my heart, my all.

the guy who stands up for the other guy, who opposes injustice, who risks his own reputation for the sake of Christ.

the guy who acts justly, loves mercy and walks humbly with his Lord.

the Man to whom I have been married 20 years today. He is the love of my life. He is a gift from the Lord.

He is my guy.


  1. Congratulations & happy, happy anniversary.

  2. What a great, loving post to honor your man! Happy Anniversary, Elle! May God continue to bless your marriage and cause it to bring Him much glory.

  3. Aw! How sweet! And happy anniversary!!

  4. What a beautiful post. Happy anniversary!

  5. Congratulations to you both! May God bless you with many, many more years as you walk together with Him.