Saturday, June 19, 2010

So, this past week...

I was able to get together with my aunts and uncle, my mom, my sister and her kids and almost all of my cousins and their kids. It was like flashbacks of Thanksgivings past when I was a kid over the top excited about being with my cousins.

Except this time I was the responsible party as a mom and it was my kids over the top excited about being with their cousins. The conversations trying to explain that these relatives are the children of my first cousins making them my kids' second cousins nearly always requires a diagram.

Just call them your cousins. Have fun.

We met at an AL state park under a picnic shelter that had been decked out by my aunts with no less than 14 box fans, wind machines, oscillating table fans, and fan fans. They successfully created their own wind tunnel. And it was hot. I'll say that. But I suppose the hot breeze moving over my sweaty skin accomplished some cooling effect because it did not broach nearly unbearable until the later hours when the humidity began to climb.

And the kids. With their cousins. Didn't care in the least because they stayed in the lake almost the whole time. Or on the boat. Or on the tube being pulled by the boat. Can you spell fabulous?

It's spelled time with cousins on the lake in June.

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  1. Yippee for cousins and fun and reunions! My kids still love getting together with their cousins...