Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

Thankful I am awake.

Thankful I slept well last night.

Thankful I am back in town and can go pick up my medicine.

And then my head will hopefully, and very thankfully, stop hurting.

Thankful for our time spent with family in sweet, endearing ways.

Thankful for seeing cousins' children play with mine as though all their years they had lived beside one another.

Thankful for 14 fans underneath a picnic shelter on a hot South Georgia day that kept the day's heat bearable.

Thankful for aunts and uncles who did the work of preparation to give their children, grandchildren, and nieces and great-nephews a terrific day at the lake.

Thankful for safety driving there and back.

Thankful for last night's book club.

Thankful for today's task list. (This is a changing my thoughts to obedience one right here. I really want to climb back into bed, but being thankful for a task list is to motivate me to keep one foot in front of the other.)


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