Monday, June 21, 2010

It is an odd thing...

when you find out who is reading your blog.

While with my cousins this last week, I was reminded by one that she reads here fairly regularly and informed by another that she also reads. Another said that she would like to start reading. Hi cuz!

I started this blog, I think, about four years ago. Give or take a year. It was a way to journal that involved speedy typing instead of handwriting. It was a way to put real thoughts down on virtual paper without needing a pleather bound book with a tiny gold lock and key.

I haven't jumped on the "monetize your blog" action in anyway. I have neither the readership nor personal motivation to attract a readership to such a "monetizing" result. I cannot even seem to stick to a regularly scheduled blog posting calendar.

Some days I want to sit and write. Other days, even days in a row, I do not. This blog has been what I wanted it to be--an acceptable brain dumping, status reporting, thought issuing, fun poking, idea developing site.

So. If you're reading, welcome. If you're lurking, I know you are there. If you're commenting, well, that's even better. Because even the some days occasional bloggers love the comments.


  1. I'm here and today I commented. How's that? : D

  2. Ahh yes, comments are good. I've been surprised by some distant relatives that let me know they read my blog regularly. I usually find out at funerals where it seems our reunions take place these days. Happy summer to you!!

  3. Odd indeed. I've experienced the same thing - usually with older relatives not especially adept at all things technological, who therefore don't know how to establish a Google account to be able to leave comments.

  4. An occasional blogger in my own right leaving the occasional comment here!

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