Monday, June 21, 2010

The lonely only...

resides here this week. Maybe.

Chess and Pele are at Boy Scouts Camp doing all sorts of wilderness, adventure, canoeing, swimming, first aid, roughing it activities. Where the testosterone level is high and buffalo used to roam.

I am so glad that I am at home.

However, the Chairman was a'struggling with the concept. Last year when his two olders went to BSC, he was desperately lonely. And it had been a while since I only had one to look after, that I was a bit distracted with how to entertain and still accomplish.tons.of.stuff.

This year I was proactive, preventative, prepared. I arranged playdates. Two weeks ago, people. We were not going to have last year's repeat of gloom.

Today was the first of those playdates and it went off swimmingly well. Literally. Picked up the BFF and off to the pool. I was able to finish a book, take a swim myself and start a new book. Back to the house where the two pal ponies disappeared upstairs to discuss lightsabers and droids and movie lines.

Every day this week a similar activity is planned. He is happy. I am happy. Oh so happy.

That, and the fact that when I fixed popcorn for a snack this weekend, he looked up with huge eyes at the bowl I handed him and said, "I get to have the whole thing?" Yep, no sharing.

Perks. It's all about the perks.

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  1. Ahh it's good for the youngest to be alone and have the whole bowl to himself!