Friday, May 28, 2010

My baby's voice.....

is changing. Not really my baby. I mean, technically he's my oldest son, second oldest in order, but oldest here for me to listen to on a daily basis.

And his voice is changing.

About a month ago, someone mentioned it to me. I listened and heard a touch of it. But not enough for me to convince myself past the rationalization that he was a little bit hoarse.

Then we were at my sister's house and she mentioned it. I listened even harder. It was that sense of being with people who you haven't been with recently and they mention that your kids are taller. You see them every day and don't notice that they're taller until someone else says so. Then you look and by golly, they're suddenly taller.

Again I rationalized that amongst the racket of her boys plus my boys, maybe his voice did sound a little different. A little lower and higher, all at the same time.

Tonight he and his brothers were having a wii soccer tournament and some man yelled something out. Not a man on the wii. Not Husband. Although I would have put my last piece of chocolate down in belief that it was Husband.

It wasn't. It was some future man voice that yelled something out.

My baby's voice is changing.

And yes, I am crying.


  1. Oh, golly...I'm bracing for that. Don't think I'm ready.

    p.s. Was great talking with you today.

  2. Oh dear. They do tend to grow up right under our noses. You know I don't remember this change with my boys...