Monday, May 24, 2010

Hospitality is....

...welcoming weary wedding travelers into your home not 5 minutes after your own fun-filled fishing day.

...having your three boys sleep on the floor in the little sleeping bags so that someone else's three taller boys can sleep in the beds.

....playing euchre with novices, even one particularly inept novice who may or may not have had an unhealthy obsession with the nine of spades, and keeping a sense of humor about it.

....providing snacks of chips and pretzels and rice krispie treats and homemade dill dip while playing cards, which incidentally may have contributed to the putting up with the inept card novice?

....baking homemade chocolate chip muffins for breakfast a la trampoline dining.

....baking homemade bread for sandwiches. I can still feel the warmth.

....creating vanilla lattes and espresso concoctions of caffeine goodness.

....letting a mom of only boys enjoy the giggles and smiles of your two amazing, delightful little girls.

....sharing resources, sharing faith, sharing ideas, goals and struggles.

....talking, talking, talking about the anything and the everything.

....the Vitafamiliae.

We had a wonderful time. Thank you again. Now it's our turn. When ya' coming?


  1. Sounds like fun. Sandwiches on fresh baked bread...yum.

  2. Still smiling after the weekend. Thanks for coming. Loved it all. Y'all are welcome back any time.