Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm trying to get back....

into writing. I need at least one more day to finish up some life responsibilities. In the meantime towards my own writing, I have read these things lately (I define lately as since January and have remembered it) and thought they might also challenge, humor and edify you.

Raw Christianity--this description of men serving in God's church, serving their families, serving the Risen Lord is all part and parcel of how I desire to train up my sons to live. As men of God, sacrificially living.

Reformation Theology--this was a think it through post that I read sometime back but am still thinking through. Logic. Consistency. Integrity of argument. I desire that God would continue to train me up in being a thinking woman. To think God's thoughts after Him.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook--my two oldest sons are active in their Boy Scout troop. One of their upcoming skills has to do with something called Grub Masters. I know it will involve food and my going to the grocery store. With them. I am going to suggest this be on the menu. Because if it involves a ziploc (easily contained & easily thrown away), I like it.

Audaciter Matris--Lora Lynn of Vitafamiliae introduced this blog to me. She also had posted this link on Facebook. This will just make you giggle. Hopefully. And maybe even laugh so much that you work a few ab muscles.

Speaking of Facebook. I recently deactivated my account. Facebook was sucking the time right out from under me. Creating much distracted thinking. I realized I needed to mentally clean things up. I decided to take the time I would spend on reading Facebook updates and return to reading good books. Really good books. I'm ridiculously thrilled with the results all ready.

I finished Wendy Horger Alsup's book Practical Theology for Women. (I won this through a Leslie Wiggins Alabamenagerie giveaway). I loved it. And now I'm reading Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp. Chess will be 13 in July. It is not too late.


  1. I hear you about the Facebook thing! I had to stop most notifications to my cell phone and what not. It is simply amazing how many women I hear talk about how liberated they have felt from being freed from it.
    Glad you got a good ab work out from that video. =)

  2. I asked for and received Practical Theology for Women from my son for Mother's Day, as well as WHA's study on Ephesians. Eager to work through that one too. I've never had a Facebook account, but it seems to me that you made an easy swap! There's nothing like having a stack of new books to dig into!