Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Likes and unlikes...

of spring.

Like: cherry blossoms, tulips, azaleas, daylilies

Unlike: pollen, pollen clouds, pollen haze, pollen dust

Like: cool mornings, windows open, birds chirping

Unlike: 90 degree afternoons, pollen coming through open windows

Like: short sleeves, shorts, spring skirts, spring sandals

Unlike: pasty white legs, unpedicured toes, winter fluffiness

Like: swimming in 90 degree afternoons, tans from a can, longer days of light

Unlike: swim suit shopping, orange streaks

Like: God's providence and gifts

What are your spring likes and unlikes?


  1. Amen, amen, amen to the pollen! I love the smell of orange blossoms, but the pollen is about to kill me. My neti pot is my new favorite accessory.

    Happy spring!

  2. I agree with every single one of these! Excellent list! I will NEVER hang bedsheets out to dry on a clothesline. It would NOT turn out well.

    Just gave myself a pedicure for Easter. Finally, I can wear sandals instead of my white keds or my cross trainers. ahhh.

    Also found something called "leg spray" by Sally Hanson - it's not a spray tan, it's leg makeup! Not bad! I got the "light" and it just evened out the splotchy pasty white to an smooth off-white. :)

  3. Great list of likes and dislikes both! Happy Spring to you, friend!

  4. I giggled when I first read this list, because I would NEVER think it describes spring. You described summer where I live (not counting the pollen; I think the North doesn't deal with pollen the way the South does). Last summer, I think we had about 5 days above 90. We barely even ran our AC.

    My spring likes?

    Green grass. Lilacs. Tulips. Daffodils. Pink blossoms on the crab-apple trees. Sunshine. Warmth returning. Open windows. Neighbors emerging from hibernation. Our first day at the park after five months of indoor play.


    Mud. The freak spring blizzard. Pasty skin. The winter-layer of fat.

    But that's about it. This year, we are enjoying an abnormally early spring. Our last snowfall was Feb. 23, and we have been in the 50s and 60s for most of March. We are almost a full month ahead of "normal" at this point. Normally, spring is our shortest season, usually coming on April 26.

    So this spring? I'm loving it.